Furniture Restoration and Conservation

pic1We are conservators and restorers of antique and collectible furniture. Having been in practice in New Jersey since 1983, we bring a wealth of experience and care to the meticulous work of furniture conservation and restoration. We work with museums, historical organizations, dealers, and private collectors to preserve the integrity, function, and beauty of fine furniture and pride ourselves on the care taken with every project we take on. We collaborate closely with our customers to mutually understand what is needed and expected both before and during the work process.

Most work is performed at our shop, but if necessary on-site treatment is available. Work is done on an estimate basis, and all costs are discussed and analyzed with our customers before we lay our hands on the actual job to be done. Transport is available for all pieces, either in our van or by movers we know and trust.

Everybody, including our customers, has different tastes, and we try very hard to accommodate those tastes in our work On those rare occasions when what a customer wants is inappropriate for or will devalue a piece of furniture, we will say so. If a piece does not warrant the cost of treatment , we will say so. Many heirlooms are precious because of emotional attachment but may not justify spending a great deal on from a hard-headed financial point of view. These realities need to be aired out, and our approach is “Truth is Best”.

To talk to us or arrange an estimate, Call us today at 973-226-8225.